1368 Commits (master)

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  Yves Quemener 5baf5c1c51 And also the raw files from the weblate 4 months ago
  Yves Quemener 2fd4c32ce7 Adding locales and the script used ot generate them 4 months ago
  Yves Quemener 2faa769a1f Added textdomain matching mod names to calls to minetest.get_translator(...) 4 months ago
  Zweihorn dad270a296 Merge after rebase and resolving conflict 7 months ago
  Zweihorn 592ed84831 Remove redundant commentary lines 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 6c7f03ce0f Depollute the code - 06a - delete tab to make unrelated change vanish 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 0f80116e97 Depollute the code - 06 - Undo unrelated changes due to failed repair. 8 months ago
  Zweihorn bfc11fe83c Add some more translation tags (overlooked or difficult) 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 4d55f99548 Add function mod.get_translator to any mod with serveral lua files 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 1d21646644 do not forget the header as bed/init.lua is not bed/bed.lua 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 835ac73e0a do not break the bed formspec in translation 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 1718494306 more translation tags and some code tidy for wool and dyes 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 97c2de8b79 wool to make use of global dye.dyes 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 3e54b6e430 Depollute the code - 04a - bloody spaces & brown mushrooms 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 5c82aa3d14 Depollute the code - 04 - bloody brown mushrooms 8 months ago
  Zweihorn c32552f8ef Depollute the code - 03 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 4b99c82c73 Depollute the code 8 months ago
  Zweihorn 4e12030bab ref luacheck whitespace 2nd run 8 months ago
  Zweihorn cc3664cc82 ref luacheck whitespace warnings 8 months ago
  Zweihorn f4d49861f5 Add support for MT 5 game translation 8 months ago
  mbartlett21 d99a176b69 Xpanes: Use 'swap node' instead of 'set node' 4 months ago
  Panquesito7 7e16ec7a2f Convert README.txt to Markdown format 4 months ago
  Paramat e8097c9e87
Creative: Override the hand instead of re-registering 4 months ago
  Paramat 5c3e4b1d20
Spawn: Avoid spawning outside small worlds 4 months ago
  TumeniNodes 553b0f9d72 Add new TNT sounds 4 months ago
  Paul Ouellette 7269711911 Furnace: Improve fuel item replacement support 5 months ago
  coil 3a3f71aa50 Verify object is player before checking privs (#2448) 5 months ago
  Paramat fac8f390b1
TNT: Remove unusable sounds, use temporary placeholders 5 months ago
  Paramat 4eadf80634
Sfinv: Add and use a crafting arrow texture instead of using furnace arrow 5 months ago
  Paul Ouellette e5ebb36cd5 Furnace: Fix "output full" infotext 5 months ago
  Paramat 2063fcd075
Make the creative mod hand dig 'dig_immediate' nodes fast 5 months ago
  HybridDog a2254bd0af Warn when a mod registers a stairs node with an existing name 5 months ago
  TumeniNodes 7f830124f7 Various mods: Use " " instead of ' ' for item names 5 months ago
  TumeniNodes a5bde8e9ba Default: Use " " instead of ' ' for item names 5 months ago
  Paramat 6716fc74ec
Add patches of bare 'dry dirt' to savanna 5 months ago
  TumeniNodes c32b8adaa3 Add 'dry dirt' and 'dry dirt with dry grass' nodes for savanna biome 5 months ago
  TumeniNodes 4282a93a02 Creative: Add 'default' as optional dependency 6 months ago
  Paramat d16612c1cb
Add new, longer 'default_grass_side' texture 6 months ago
  Paramat 9fe877ef99
Creative: Remove unnecessary dependency on 'default' 6 months ago
  sfan5 a81a7e0c78
Merge pull request #2322 from Calinou/travis-luacheck-color 6 months ago
  sfan5 9b226c7045 Switch to mod.conf, delete deprecated depends.txt 6 months ago
  sfan5 773011fd85 Fix potential crash when few loot items are registered 6 months ago
  sfan5 c3403936d3 Fix luacheck warning 6 months ago
  sfan5 b701e500aa Support for icesheet dungeons in dungeon_loot 6 months ago
  sfan5 37710866f0 Switch dungeon type detection to biome name 6 months ago
  TumeniNodes bfb84da39c Add new 'default_grass' texture 6 months ago
  Paramat 3bca295da8
New lighter, greyer permafrost texture 6 months ago
  acmgit 83fb6fe872 Remove stack_max from bucket:bucket_empty 6 months ago
  SmallJoker 95aaec6670 Allow opening chests when wielding corals 6 months ago
  bell07 5b1d5819e5 Unify hotbar formspec for sfinv and creative 6 months ago