32 Commits (master)

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  luk3yx 46977b593e Use minetest.get_modpath() in CSM if possible. 3 weeks ago
  luk3yx aea9867ae9 Add minetest.get_csm_restrictions() 1 month ago
  luk3yx 34e0ed35fa Fix comment 1 month ago
  luk3yx 10096db4f3 Fix the fallback assert() function. 1 month ago
  luk3yx 88f1030e01 Add sscsm.every and use the built-in assert(). 1 month ago
  luk3yx 5c44ee657d Try and avoid minifying copyright/license notices. 1 month ago
  luk3yx 3190a27711 Add mod.conf. 1 month ago
  luk3yx 026d242239 Allow main directory to be installed as a CSM. 2 months ago
  luk3yx b7228a9f48 Update README.md 2 months ago
  luk3yx 2f2d701230 Make minify.lua more advanced. 2 months ago
  luk3yx 4fa3d88608 Code style change 2 months ago
  luk3yx 51e5b2d0c3 Add more SSCSM-facing API features. 2 months ago
  luk3yx d45b4e8b1b Fix bug. 2 months ago
  luk3yx acecf727e2 Delete register_on_mods_loaded callbacks when not required. 4 months ago
  luk3yx 77e285b98a csm_strict: Bugfix 5 months ago
  luk3yx 61703b0645 csm{,_strict}: Leave the mod channel if disabled 5 months ago
  luk3yx a4a4687adf csm_strict: Add permanently allowing SSCSMs. 5 months ago
  luk3yx cad2567d5c csm_strict/init.lua: More fixes 5 months ago
  luk3yx 69cfe758e8 Leave the mod channel when deny is pressed. 5 months ago
  luk3yx f097840e75 Minetest doesn't(?) leak formspec input 5 months ago
  luk3yx 6745d01e32 Bugfix 5 months ago
  luk3yx 36143d935d Add code inspector 5 months ago
  luk3yx 8da76186e3 Remove unrequired statement 5 months ago
  luk3yx 9363bbbc78 Add csm_strict 5 months ago
  luk3yx f1cc6bc494 Add csm/README.md 5 months ago
  luk3yx 7e5778507d Add local /privs 5 months ago
  luk3yx c6eda04dea Fix infinite loop with circular dependencies. 5 months ago
  luk3yx 22030aa96c Oops 5 months ago
  luk3yx fa855ec3d5 Improve sandboxing and add more helper functions 5 months ago
  luk3yx a2f252ed27 More fixes 5 months ago
  luk3yx 5b795b70bc Oops 5 months ago
  luk3yx 099a8972f1 Initial commit 5 months ago