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  luk3yx fb4b80940d
Remove trailing spaces 1 year ago
  luk3yx 26b9036f75 Add 0.4.X compatibility comment. 1 year ago
  luk3yx aa08f240d3 Add field_close_on_enter[] as textbox.close_on_enter 1 year ago
  luk3yx fb5c52c051 Add box[] 1 year ago
  rdococ 9a9b812fe9 Fixed container system. (#2) 1 year ago
  luk3yx e7f7a1a0ce
Add the `container` object 1 year ago
  rdococ 0d0bfd968f Added container object. 1 year ago
  luk3yx c58fc816a5 Fix textboxes 1 year ago
  luk3yx b8c8649c94 Fix shift_click 1 year ago
  luk3yx 6fdf42e2b7 Add listring[] as inventory.shift_click 1 year ago
  luk3yx 0561ee99dc Allow prebaked chests to have an x and/or y offset 1 year ago
  luk3yx b058e21b77 Change how works, create pre-baked formspecs 1 year ago
  luk3yx ab01a0c8c6 Remove progress file, update README 1 year ago
  luk3yx 7e4a64c890 Initial commit 1 year ago