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A mod library that enables animated formspecs on Minetest 5.0.0+.


  • formspec_ast - This allows animated_image[] tags to be parsed.
  • sscsm - This is needed to draw individual frames on the client. This also needs to be installed on clients.


This mod adds a new formspec element: animated_image[]. This is compatible with usage described on the similar but different, however with more features:

animated_image[<X>,<Y>;<W>,<H>;<texture name>:<frame count>,<frame duration>;<oneshot>]

  • Shows an animated image.
  • <texture name> is the name of the texture to use. If this contains a single %s, that %s will be replaced by the current frame, otherwise _<current frame>.png will be appended to the base texture name. Both : and , are allowed in this field. Note that frame numbers start from 1.
  • <frame count> is the number of frames to display.
  • <frame duration> is the duration each frame will be displayed for in milliseconds.
  • <oneshot>, if true, prevents the animation from looping (returning to the first frame) when it has reached the last frame. If this parameter is omitted, it is assumed to be false.


  • Using animated_image[] elements requires the usage of formspec_anim.show_formspec() instead of minetest.show_formspec(). Formspecs are passed through formspec_ast.interpret(), and custom elements such as formspec_ast:centered_label[] should also work.
  • Because of the way formspec_anim works, malicious CSMs could intercept and automatically submit formspecs displayed using formspec_anim.show_formspec().
  • Interactive elements such as button[] and field[] (except list[]) will not work nicely while animations are being displayed and will be “reset” each time a new animation frame is drawn.
  • If the sscsm CSM isn't installed on clients, only the first frame (or last frame for one-shot animations) of the animation will be displayed.


The /formspec_anim command can be used to show an animated image, and /formspec_anim oneshot can be used to display a one-shot animation.