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A client-side mod for Minetest that adds chat channels, inspired by beerchat.

Chat channels

Channels are sent via PMs to users. Anyone can add you to a channel without your permission, and channels are not synced between users. Chat channels are created automatically when adding the first user and deleted when removing the last user.

The following channel prefixes exist:

  • @: A PM. This will PM the user after the @.
  • @/: A chatcommand. This will run the chatcommand after the @. Any instances of . in this command will be replaced with .
  • #: A channel. This is just a group PM prefixed with the channel name. If a user in the channel uses chat_channels and has you in a channel with the same name, the message will display as a chat message in the channel. Otherwise, it will display as a PM prefixed in -#channel-.

The following special channels exist:

  • #main: Normal chat without the CSM.
  • @: A “local echo” channel, messages in this channel are locally displayed.
  • @[off]: Prefixes messages with [off], displayed in chat as [off].

Added commands

  • .add_to_channel <victim> [channel]: Adds <victim> to the channel. If [channel] is not specified, the current channel will be used instead.
  • .coords [channel]: Sends your current co-ordinates to chat.
  • .delete_channel <channel>: Deletes a channel.
  • .list_channels: Displays a list of channels.
  • .toggle_main: Toggles between showing and hiding messages from #main.
  • .remove_from_channel <victim> [channel]: The same as .add_to_channel, except removes users instead.
  • .strip_colours: Toggles the stripping of colours from chat.
  • .who [channel]: Displays a list of users in the channel. If [channel] is not specified, the current channel will be used.