4105 Commits (master)

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  Wuzzy d4facaf503 Add wool sound for beds 5 months ago
  Wuzzy c623860af8 Add wool sounds 5 months ago
  Wuzzy 36adba2e0b Add chorus plant stem to deco_block group 5 months ago
  Wuzzy 6cd1fb1119 Change German translation of Jack'o lantern 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 6e9d712c5e Fix ice not melting properly by non-Sun light 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 23630bbac0 Version 0.53.3 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 8830edfdf9 Add chorus plant stem usagehelp 7 months ago
  Wuzzy 80ee8172fe Only allow placement of chorus stems on valid node 7 months ago
  Wuzzy b0c457f2ec Fix chorus plant stems not break in protected land 7 months ago
  Wuzzy 1ed1bdfadb Use minetest.raillike_group for rails 7 months ago
  Wuzzy 6842c42625 Version 0.53.2 8 months ago
  Wuzzy ab81dfb4b4 Stop fire spread if enable_fire=false 8 months ago
  Wuzzy fbba40fe5c Fix item container transfer destroying item metadata 8 months ago
  Wuzzy a7ceb2462a Deal ender pearl damage as fall damage 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 219ec1ddcb Remove old workaround in mcl_stairs 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 2203d0df53 Revert "Make item entities a bit more efficient" 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 8533ff0b75 Hoes and shovels now respect protection 8 months ago
  Wuzzy c6e671376d Make lightning glow in the dark 8 months ago
  Oil_boi ba97dfd02f Make item entities a bit more efficient 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 719f7b5b77 Explain how characters work in mcl_signs 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 42a7baf4b4 Version 0.53.0 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 6188d7b528 Fix other boolean settings default fails 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 7e9a9821c9 Fix progressive mode not disabable 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 5b6cb0a441 Minor tweaks in commandblock help texts 8 months ago
  Wuzzy d0a6244be9 Books: Move sign warning to tooltip 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 418368fbc5 Squash daylight sensor help pages to 1 page 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 967905264d Make many help texts translatable and fix bugs 8 months ago
  Wuzzy c5db9987c3 Fix various typos in German translation 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 435ae85d68 Fix grass block crash in v6 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 1b7c41fc81 Grass block: Change grass color depending on biome 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 2d34a2982a Add biome type to biome metadata 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 2f346cfc1d Change stained glass canonical color 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 15880db548 Add new help text for stained glass panes 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 5c1717971b Squash help entries for stained glass and panes 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 2582350504 mcl_core: Rename locale template 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 7604b77dd6 Add generic strings for stained glass 8 months ago
  Wuzzy b404e8b5bd Squash help entries for shulker boxes 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 25048050a0 Remove dead code in mcl_chests 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 3a5df885e9 Squash help entries for wool and carpet 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 5caa4b3659 Fix bed help WRT Minetest settings 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 423d5f8ab8 Squash help entries of beds 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 8636b94c74 Squash help entries of colorblocks 8 months ago
  Wuzzy ea23f05c22 Add missing translations for huge mushroom blocks 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 7df5ef097c Translate river water 8 months ago
  Wuzzy a54abc7de9 Add translation for water/lava interactions 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 1b24b02e31 Bone meal grows flowers matching to biome 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 833f58ff4e Fix incorrect usagehelp for pumpkin (with face) 8 months ago
  Wuzzy c78b1d1354 Add missing translation for pumpkin usagehelp 8 months ago
  Wuzzy c49efcf9ad Fix floating vines rarely generating in jungles 8 months ago
  Wuzzy 5647fbf6e0 Add German translation for mcl_cocoas 8 months ago