A cross platform python3 script that can convert recent minecraft resource packs into MCL2 texture packs.
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MCL2 Resource Pack Converter

This is a cross-platform Python 3 script that can convert almost any recent Minecraft resource pack into a MineClone2 texture pack.


The script requires Python 3 installed along with Image Magick version 7 or 6. The Python Image Library (it's fork Pillow) must be installed as well.


python3 convert-mc-resource-pack.py [OPTIONS] INPUT-RESOURCE-PACK.zip [OUTPUT-NAME]
    INPUT-RESOURCE-PACK does not have to be in a .zip file. If it is unzipped already then that is ok. If it is zipped, this script will unzip it into this directory.
    OUTPUT-NAME is optional, if no output name is given, the resulting MineClone2 texture pack will be written to $OUTPUT_DIR, or set to the value of .pack.name in the pack.mcmeta file.
    OPTIONS may be one of:
        -h --help	Display this usage text.
        -v --version	Display the version of this script and then exit.

Supported Features

  • Almost full coverage of Minecraft blocks and items to MCL2 items and blocks
  • Automatic detection of animated items and blocks being cropped to static frames for MCL2
  • Conversion of the block breaking animation (with alpha values!)
  • Colorization of grass and leaves

Unsupported Features

  • Cropping of mobs, chests, and armor still unsupported.
  • Does not convert normal and specular maps.

Tested Platforms

Windows 10, Image Magick version 7
Linux Debian, Image Magick version 6


  1. Enable conversion of normal and specular maps.
  2. Cropping of single chests
  3. Conversion of ender chests
  4. Conversion of double chests
  5. Cropping of armor