Attempt at creating an internationalized version of minetest game by integrating Zweihorn's work and translations already in the weblate.
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67 lines

  1. # This file contains settings of minetest_game that can be changed in
  2. # minetest.conf
  3. # In creative mode players are able to dig all kind of blocks nearly
  4. # instantly, and have access to unlimited resources.
  5. # Some of the functionality is only available if this setting is present
  6. # at startup.
  7. creative_mode (Creative mode) bool false
  8. # Flammable nodes will be ignited by nearby igniters. Spreading fire may
  9. # cause severe destruction.
  10. # Spreading fire nodes will disappear when fire is disabled, but
  11. # 'permanent_flame' nodes are unaffected.
  12. enable_fire (Fire) bool true
  13. # Enable flame sound.
  14. flame_sound (Flame sound) bool true
  15. # Enable lavacooling.
  16. enable_lavacooling (Lavacooling) bool true
  17. # If enabled, steel tools, torches and cobblestone will be given to new
  18. # players.
  19. give_initial_stuff (Give initial items) bool false
  20. # If enabled, players respawn at the bed they last lay on instead of normal
  21. # spawn.
  22. # This setting is only read at startup.
  23. enable_bed_respawn (Respawn at bed) bool true
  24. # If enabled, the night can be skipped if more than half of the players are
  25. # in beds.
  26. enable_bed_night_skip (Skip night when sleeping) bool true
  27. # When TNT explodes, it destroys nearby nodes and damages nearby players.
  28. # This setting is disabled by default on servers.
  29. enable_tnt (TNT) bool true
  30. # The radius in which nodes will be destroyed by a TNT explosion.
  31. tnt_radius (TNT radius) int 3 0
  32. # Sets the behaviour of the inventory items when a player dies.
  33. # bones: Store items in a bone node but drop items if inside protected area.
  34. # drop: Drop items on the ground.
  35. # keep: Player keeps items.
  36. bones_mode (Bones mode) enum bones bones,drop,keep
  37. # The time in seconds after which the bones of a dead player can be looted
  38. # by everyone.
  39. # Setting this to 0 will disable sharing of bones completely.
  40. share_bones_time (Bones share time) int 1200 0
  41. # How much earlier the bones of a dead player can be looted by
  42. # everyone if the player dies in a protected area they don't own.
  43. # 0 to disable. By default it is "share_bones_time" divide by four.
  44. share_bones_time_early (Earlier bones share time) int 300 0
  45. # Inform player of condition and location of new bones.
  46. bones_position_message (Inform player about bones) bool false
  47. # Replaces old stairs with new ones. Only required for older worlds.
  48. enable_stairs_replace_abm (Replace old stairs) bool false
  49. # If enabled, use the engine's spawn search which does not check for a
  50. # suitable starting biome.
  51. engine_spawn (Use engine spawn search) bool false