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18 lines

  1. # The balance given to new players when they join.
  2. money3.initial_amount (Initial money3 balance) int 0 0
  3. # The name of the money3 currency.
  4. money3.currency_name (money3 currency name) string cr
  5. # A lua table with a list of money3 items, see money3/config.lua for more
  6. # information.
  7. money3.convert_items (A lua table with a list of money3 items) string
  8. # Automatically give active players 10cr every 12 minutes. If the currency
  9. # mod is installed and this is enabled, its income will be disabled.
  10. money3.enable_income (Enable money3 income) bool true
  11. # Changes the amount of income players get paid. If income is not enabled,
  12. # this does nothing.
  13. money3.income_amount (Amount to pay players in money3 income) int 10 0