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The official Minetest lurkcoin mod

Adds (cross-server) ATMs to Minetest. Transactions may take up to 5 minutes to appear.

This mod is currently in beta, and this README probably needs rewriting.

How to use/install

After installing, you will need to add lurkcoin to secure.http_mods in minetest.conf to allow cross-server transactions. The minetest.conf settings lurkcoin.username and lurkcoin.token must be set to the username and token you get from the lurkcoin website, and should not contain leading or trailing spaces.

What is a “lurkcoin”?

lurkcoin is a cross-server (possibly cross-game in the future) money transfer system.

If you’re interested in how it works, ask/nag me to finish this FAQ.

But what if someone on one server cheats with creative?

There are limits, and exchange rates are updated in realtime (and change depending on how much you are trying to transfer) to try and prevent creative money and imbalanced economies. There are also logs of cross-server transactions, if you suspect fraud, PM me on IRC if possible (Freenode or xeroxIRC).


The following lurkcoin-specific functions and variables exist:

  • lurkcoin.exchange_rate: The raw exchange rate, do not modify this!
  • lurkcoin.get_exchange_rate(amount, to, callback): Get an exchange rate from this server.
  • lurkcoin.pay(from, to, server, amount, callback): Makes from pay someone amountcr, and calls callback on success/faliure. callback should have two parameters, success and msg.
  • lurkcoin.server_name: The account name used to log into lurkcoin.

Callbacks may or may not be pcall()ed, this is liable to change and you should not rely on errors bringing down the server or just being logged.

Bank API

This mod creates a “universal"™ bank API.

The below functions (except getbal and pay) return true on success and false on failure.

  • lurkcoin.bank.getbal(name): Gets a balance
  • lurkcoin.bank.setbal(name, balance, reason): Sets a balance
  • lurkcoin.bank.user_exists(name): Checks if a user exists.
  • lurkcoin.bank.changebal(name, amount, reason): Changes a balance (use either positive or negative numbers)
  • lurkcoin.bank.add(name, amount, reason): Adds amount to name's balance. Will return false if amount is below 0.
  • lurkcoin.bank.subtract(name, amount, reason): Subtracts amount from name's balance. Will return false if amount is below 0.
  • lurkcoin.bank.pay(from, to, amount): Makes user from pay a user amountcr. This will return two values, success (true/false) and message (a string).

Changing the currently used bank

By default, this mod will check for a few bank mods, and if it doesn’t find any will use the built-in (≈34 line) minibank.lua. minibank does not store any transaction history and will disregard the reason parameter when updating balances.

To change the currently used bank, use lurkcoin.change_bank(bank), where bank is a table containing at least getbal, setbal and user_exists. getbal should not create users on balance checking, and if it returns nil for non-existent users, user_exists is not required. Any other functions implemented (except pay) must have the same return values as described in this documentation, and are entirely optional (they will be automatically created if they are not included). Any missing functions are “filled in” automatically.

By default, payments are rounded down to the nearest 0.01cr.