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  luk3yx fd43ddfc35 Use decimal escape sequences 1 month ago
  luk3yx 3ae87f8023 Fix weird formspec misalignment 1 month ago
  luk3yx 4eae5909b3 Truncate minibank balances to the nearest 0.01cr. 1 month ago
  luk3yx 33cb0738d9 Update README.md 1 month ago
  luk3yx 374cdea2af Update comment 2 months ago
  luk3yx 4151809230 Add a WIP FAQ (mostly to test git remotes) 2 months ago
  luk3yx 5287bbceaf Bugfix 2 months ago
  luk3yx 4adfa6c5b5 Another bugfix in minibank.lua 3 months ago
  luk3yx 675dbd1a9c Bugfixes 3 months ago
  luk3yx 6c817fc7fe Open-source the mod 3 months ago
  luk3yx 58702fc605 Remove debug line 3 months ago
  luk3yx a8068f6d4a Update to work with the new exchange rate system. 3 months ago
  luk3yx 411417661c https://xkcd.com/1296 5 months ago
  luk3yx 44eeef0595 Bugfix 5 months ago
  luk3yx 04d44f21e8 Add cloaking integration™ 5 months ago
  luk3yx 56c96931b5 Fix crash 5 months ago
  luk3yx 4d4592643d https://xkcd.com/327 5 months ago
  luk3yx 7bcf08c5ca Bugfix 5 months ago
  luk3yx de229b3038 Fix dependency issue in 5.0.0 5 months ago
  luk3yx d4cc5b10ec Fix crash 5 months ago
  luk3yx 3ca3303756 Initial commit 5 months ago