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  luk3yx 25d7079069 Bugfix. 2 months ago
  luk3yx f3bcfc8d7a Switch to SSCSM com helpers. 2 months ago
  luk3yx 2022c6260d Add /clrmrkr. 5 months ago
  luk3yx da1ea57ed9 Add copyright information to files. 9 months ago
  luk3yx 62a4c01e21 Disable dated_death_markers by default. 10 months ago
  luk3yx 556a42d0b6 Check for csm_restriction_flags in the SSCSM. 10 months ago
  luk3yx 93c7079d4a s/Rename marker/Rename waypoint/ 1 year ago
  luk3yx b5c11cbd39 Add SSCSM support 1 year ago
  luk3yx 64b7bb27aa Marker → Waypoint 1 year ago
  luk3yx 86a799e350 Add mod.conf. 1 year ago
  luk3yx dd2e60d5b6 Update links 1 year ago
  luk3yx cd0578b94c Add screenshot 1 year ago
  luk3yx 52cae0d704 Prevent PM-ed co-ordinates being sent to everyone 1 year ago
  luk3yx bed57ce3f0 Fix README.md 1 year ago
  luk3yx a2985a8d76 Add better note about the old format 1 year ago
  luk3yx 683f6512f6 Fix README.md 1 year ago
  luk3yx 05a06cf291 Fork and convert to server-side mod. 1 year ago
  luk3yx ff994a34f2 Add JSON-based export string format. 1 year ago
  luk3yx ca02d2b79c Change menu sizes 1 year ago
  luk3yx 492077bd48 Add teleportation and renaming 1 year ago
  luk3yx ce0e354cbd More bugfixes 1 year ago
  luk3yx d486536a23 Fix crash 1 year ago
  luk3yx bbdf0452c7 Make .mrkrthere error message more consistent 1 year ago
  luk3yx 5d576cdbb1 Update `.mrkrthere` on death. 1 year ago
  luk3yx 32444fda73 Add chat channels integration 1 year ago
  luk3yx 7922212da8 Fix bugs when using marker names that need to be escaped. 1 year ago
  luk3yx a550c20350 Add advmarkers string importing/exporting. 1 year ago
  luk3yx a6af494589 Initial commit 1 year ago