The CSM version of advmarkers.
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This is mostly useless now, as this requires a /mrkr command to exist on the server. You probably want the (nicer) non-CSM mod. This CSM does not co-operate with the server-side mod except for the fact that it provides a /mrkr command, if you play on a server with the server-side mod you don't need this.

Original README

A marker/waypoint CSM for Minetest, designed for use with the (now-defunct) marker mod.

To display markers, the server currently needs the advmarkers server-side mod (or the marker mod) installed, otherwise “command not found” errors will be displayed, as CSMs cannot currently create HUDs on their own.

How to use

advmarkers introduces the following chatcommands:

  • .mrkr: Opens a formspec allowing you to display or delete markers.
  • .add_mrkr: Adds markers. You can use .add_mrkr x,y,z Marker name to add markers. Markers are (currently) cross-server, and adding a marker with (exactly) the same name as another will overwrite the original marker. If you replace x,y,z with here, the marker will be set to your current position, and replacing it with there will set the marker to the last .coords position.
  • .mrkr_export: Exports your markers to an advmarkers string. Remember to not modify the text before copying it. You can use .mrkr_export old if you want an export string compatible with older versions of advmarkers (it should start with M instead of J). The old format will probably not work nicely with the planned server-side mod, however.
  • .mrkr_import: Imports your markers from an advmarkers string (.mrkr_import <advmarkers string>). Any markers with the same name will not be overwritten, and if they do not have the same co-ordinates, _ will be appended to the imported one.
  • .mrkr_upload: Uploads your markers to your current server's advmarkers server-side mod.
  • .mrkrthere: Sets a marker at the last .coords position.

If you die, a marker is automatically added at your death position, and will update the last .coords position.

Chat channels integration

advmarkers works with the .coords command from chat_channels (GitHub, GitLab), even without chat channels installed. When someone does .coords, advmarkers temporarily stores this position, and you can set a temporary marker at the .coords position with .mrkrthere, or add a permanent marker with .add_mrkr there Marker name.