MineClone 2, a voxel-based sandbox game for Minetest https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=16407
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MineClone 2 Tools

This directory is for tools and scripts for MineClone 2. Currently, the only tool is Texture Converter.

Texture Converter (EXPERIMENTAL)

This is a Python script which converts a resource pack for Minecraft to a texture pack for Minetest so it can be used with MineClone 2.

WARNING: This script is currently incomplete, not all textures will be converted. Some texture conversions are even buggy! Coverage is close to 100%, but it’s not quite there yet. For a 100% complete texture pack, a bit of manual work on the textures will be required afterwards.

Modes of operation:

  • Can create a Minetest texture pack (default)
  • Can update the MineClone 2 textures


  • Know how to use the console
  • Python 3
  • ImageMagick


  • Make sure the file “Conversion_Table.csv” is in the same directory as the script
  • In the console, run ./Texture_Converter.py -h to learn the available options
  • Convert the textures
  • Put the new texture directory in the Minetest texture pack directory, just like any other Minetest texture pack