MineClone 2, a voxel-based sandbox game for Minetest https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=16407
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Contributing to MineClone 2

So you want to MineClone 2? Wow, thank you! :-)

But first, some things to note:

MineClone 2’s development target is to make a free software clone of Minecraft, version 1.11, PC edition.

MineClone 2 is maintained by one person. Namely, Wuzzy. You can find me, Wuzzy, in the Minetest forums (forums.minetest.net), in IRC in the #minetest channel on irc.freenode.net. And finally, you can send e-mails to Wuzzy2@mail.ru.

There is no guarantee I will accept anything from anybody.

By sending me patches or asking me to include your changes in this game, you agree that they fall under the terms of the LGPLv2.1, which basically means they will become part of a free software.

The suggested workflow

I don’t dictate your workflow, but in order to work with me in an efficient way, you can follow my suggestions.

For small and medium changes:

  • Fork the repository
  • Do your change in a new branch
  • Upload the repository somewhere where it can be accessed from the Internet and notify me

For small changes, sending me a patch is also good.

For big changes: Same as above, but consider notifying me first to avoid duplicate work and possible tears of rejection. ;-)

For people that I trust, I might give them direct commit access to this repository. In this case, you obviously don’t need to fork, but you still need to show your contributions align with the project goals. I still reserve the right to revert everything that I don’t like. For bigger changes, I strongly recommend to use feature branches and discuss with me first.

Contributors will be credited in README.md.

Quality remarks

Again: There is no guarantee I will accept anything from anybody. But I will gladly take in code from others when I feel it saves me work in the long run.

Inclusion criteria

Depending on what you add, the chances for inclusion vary:

High chance for inclusion

  • Gameplay features in Minecraft which are missing in MineClone 2

Medium chance for inclusion (discuss first)

  • Features which don’t a impact on gameplay
  • GUI improvement
  • Features from pocket or console edition

Low chance for inclusion (discuss/optimize first)

  • Overhaul of architecture / mod structure
  • Mass-itemstring changes all over the place
  • Added files have a unusual high file size
  • Indentation looks like crazy
  • Single commits which add several unrelated things
  • Gameplay features which don’t exist in Minecraft

Instant rejection

  • Proprietary anything
  • Code contains minetest.env anywhere

Coding style guide

  • Indentations should reflect the code flow
  • Use tabs, not spaces for indentation (tab size = 8)
  • Never use minetest.env

Reporting bugs

Report all bugs and missing Minecraft features here: