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  Wuzzy 3f4be2a0f2 Explain commit access rules in CONTRIBUTING.md 2 dias atrás
  Wuzzy 6df7bb21d8 Fix license link/name contradiction in README 2 dias atrás
  Wuzzy f184c84241 Fix flowlib README header 2 dias atrás
  Wuzzy 9edd0cc6e6 Add individual mod credits into README 2 dias atrás
  Wuzzy 1521fd6994 Move project overall license to GNU GPLv3 2 dias atrás
  Wuzzy d2cacf285d Paintings: Tweak selectionboxes 1 semana atrás
  Wuzzy 3bd160f414 Check protection when placing painting 1 semana atrás
  Wuzzy f0d511bd4a Paintings: Move closer to wall 1 semana atrás
  Wuzzy 95b3b4a172 Add empty smoke_puff.png 1 semana atrás
  Wuzzy bfd2f0ebc7 Add paintings 1 semana atrás
  Wuzzy d1d7c026e1 Buckets are no longer liquids_pointable 1 semana atrás
  Wuzzy 7cfef25dfe Fix undeclared global in mcl_minecarts 2 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 547080bd98 Add a delay before mobs start to suffocate 2 semanas atrás
  MysticTempest a20637f68c Fix redstone dust climbing up doors, and fix redstone dust not turning off when redstone torch is destroyed through the destruction of an attached block 2 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 1a0e979b0c Update incomplete license information and credits 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy b512e16a7b Version 0.65.2 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 26b5b45595 Fix crash when creeper explodes 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy b8bd154378 Add translator into credits 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy c156398fb5 Merge branch 'translate-fr' of https://git.minetest.land/lrocher/MineClone2 into translate_fr 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 728db50baf Fire doesn't destroy flammable=-1 nodes 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 621946546b Ignite TNT by fire 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy ffcad31871 Update falling nodes when fire replaces a block 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy bfb1e3e447 Add age to of fire to greatly limit fire spread 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy d13498e6f9 Rain now also extinguishes neighbor tiles 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 0c96e512d7 Remove bogus saddle recipe 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 555d21263d Version 0.65.1 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 5108f398bb Fix all explosions spawning fire 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 2ec66fc61b Fix leaking global in mcl_explosions 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 6df30dc0dc Version 0.65.0 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy c3578e283c Credit yutyo for logo contribution 3 semanas atrás
  yutyo 58013872c2 New MineClone 2 logo 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy aeb7a6cb8b Disable guardian spawning 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 131051b1df Fix code typo in mcl_playerplus 3 semanas atrás
  Alexander Minges ad70a71f8c Fix crash when triggering explosion (type check error) 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy fb55d33bfe Fix villager crash when trading w/o inited inv 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 94c4256451 Fix crash when standing on unknown node 3 semanas atrás
  Rocher Laurent e058ee8487 Fix some template.txt 3 semanas atrás
  Rocher Laurent c9a37d0dbc Translate In French 3 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 8c20dfa5d2 I no longer accept PRs 4 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 2b4a4f8c60 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.minetest.land/Wuzzy/MineClone2 4 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy b59f0d6c6e Merge pull request 'Prevent water mobs to classify solid blocks below them or the medium they are supposed to be in as dangerous' (#685) from Athemis/MineClone2:fix-mobs-dangerous-nodes into master 4 semanas atrás
  Rocher Laurent 4957bd1118 Translate In French 4 semanas atrás
  Alexander Minges beace10136 prevent water mobs to classify solid blocks below them as dangerous 4 semanas atrás
  Wuzzy 02b2ff7460 Fix mcl_weather crash 1 mês atrás
  Wuzzy bc740efafe Add fire explosions 1 mês atrás
  Wuzzy 00acbf8a2a Remove unused TNT functions 1 mês atrás
  Wuzzy 56d484f69b Make mobs and bed use mcl_explosions 1 mês atrás
  Wuzzy 6a576c50a0 Add puncher to tnt_explosions 1 mês atrás
  Wuzzy d4bc7a2f88 Add back the explosion death msg 1 mês atrás
  Wuzzy 7fa8828bd5 Explosions: Use minetest.get_position_from_hash 1 mês atrás