4264 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wuzzy 741b32e8d0 Tweak grass palette 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 1971b3c5a8 Update menu icon for new grass block 1 day ago
  Wuzzy aaedf6517a Update grass block param2 when placing snow nodes 1 day ago
  Wuzzy b9cc66d3db Remove dry grass from texture converter 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 5f2cc506f0 Fix broken legacy dry grass LBM 1 day ago
  Wuzzy affb984c56 Fix mapgen crash if there's unknown nodes 1 day ago
  Wuzzy b3829eaf9b Fix tallgrass/fern placement color 1 day ago
  Wuzzy c90f693c06 Smoother dirt texture from PP 1 day ago
  Wuzzy c149f5ca3c Update PP grass textures 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 40453d597b Add LBM to kill old drygrass nodes 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 3e3ed630e5 Add per-biome grass coloring 1 day ago
  Wuzzy d4344bbaf8 Update grass block in texture converter 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 01288eff62 Enderman no longer pickup dirt-with-grass directly 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 9dfe584cd1 Remove dirt with dry grass node from mobs_mc 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 62096c723a Generate new grass color 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 6002cd0af5 Fix tallgrass, fern, bonemeal for new grass color 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 9c55b6c9c9 Update grass color after placing grass block 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 325801efd7 First step towards param2-based grass color 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 8e224d0bd9 Change screwdriver image to PP style 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 4a7bb86803 Fix odd redstone torch on wall placement 2 days ago
  Wuzzy cfa77288c1 Add screwdriver support to doors 2 days ago
  Wuzzy d21e959055 Disallow torch placement on hopper 2 days ago
  Wuzzy b5133c0c4a Allow torch placement on more nodes 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 1a02ccd36f Add more node groups 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 7df94278cf Disallow all torch rotation by screwdriver 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 2393c68448 Fix torch screwdriver rotation 2 days ago
  Wuzzy ec50b19fa0 Tweak screwdriver img 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 5b4f33c8f1 Add dummy support for placing carpets on llamas 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 506e039fc5 Add unicolor groups to wool and carpet 4 days ago
  Wuzzy febcb96bb0 Hide screwdriver 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 231493cb1b Merge branch 'screwdriver' 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 2e09febaae Rename Moss Stone to Mossy Cobblestone 4 days ago
  Wuzzy f91619cae1 New PP cobblestone and brick block textures 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 753acdf272 Update sand, sandstone, TNT, iron nugget textures 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 57e14b8106 Change menu icon to match new grass color 4 days ago
  Wuzzy a177d3cbba More saturated grass color 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 0d3b8e11c3 Hide WIP mobs in creative inventory 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 2ff5bafd91 Refactor mob projectiles 5 days ago
  Wuzzy 046f9ab223 Make blaze attacks a bit better 5 days ago
  Wuzzy e85c999e4c Fix typo in mcl_banners mod 5 days ago
  Wuzzy e09a72ed59 Tweak item appearance of internal items 5 days ago
  Wuzzy 47f7b21190 Add missing translation for some redstone nodes 5 days ago
  Wuzzy f04170d66b Piston heads no longer drop themselves 5 days ago
  Wuzzy 28505885f2 Add on_blast handling to chorus plant 5 days ago
  Wuzzy a1ab325920 Add on_blast support 5 days ago
  ZedekThePD b71cf5e9c2 Boost performance of chorus plant digging 5 days ago
  Wuzzy 4e08e978f5 Add screwdriver support for armor stand 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 31fbe97e4e Allow axis rotation of trapdoors 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 26ac17f1ad Can flip slabs with screwdriver 6 days ago
  Wuzzy da47d7917c Disable rotation of corner stairs 6 days ago