4060 Commits (master)

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  Wuzzy 1b24b02e31 Bone meal grows flowers matching to biome 14 hours ago
  Wuzzy 833f58ff4e Fix incorrect usagehelp for pumpkin (with face) 16 hours ago
  Wuzzy c78b1d1354 Add missing translation for pumpkin usagehelp 16 hours ago
  Wuzzy c49efcf9ad Fix floating vines rarely generating in jungles 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 5647fbf6e0 Add German translation for mcl_cocoas 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 1719c3e4e1 Add LBMs to update formspecs of 4 nodes 1 day ago
  Wuzzy b80ece51cb Signs: Add support for all Latin-1 printable chars 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 65a61398b5 Add some Latin-1 characters for signs 1 day ago
  Wuzzy 8019315eaa Fix character cutoff in standing signs 2 days ago
  Wuzzy d12356794f Close editing formspec if sign is destroyed 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 262457f240 Fix German translation of shulker box formspec 2 days ago
  Wuzzy ae5f5fe3b7 Slightly change wording in sign formspec 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 78fc9565c0 Make sign formspec translatable 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 579e526615 Signs: Add replacement character 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 267cf5c4a6 Signs: Make all chars 5 or 6 pixels wide 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 52e1c9e274 Signs: Add colon and grave char, tweak more chars 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 70498cf529 mcl_signs: Rename characters file 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 40923f83fd Version 0.52.1 4 days ago
  Wuzzy da5b2443f2 Fix crash when players kill each other 4 days ago
  Wuzzy aaf8801c06 Version 0.52.0 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 8dd3c9224f Fix translation of falling anvil death msg 4 days ago
  Wuzzy b44f4f456d Add sound pitch for other noteblock sounds 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 95d2465901 Noteblock: Higher kick sound 4 days ago
  Wuzzy e2cc0e428d Remove the word “Minetest” more often 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 23ccd197ee Fix some factual mistakes in mcl_doc_basics 4 days ago
  Wuzzy d191c3ac48 Update German basic help translation 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 6511394b69 Add some mcl_doc_basics translations 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 78f4043fb9 Update mcl_doc_basics, with new translations 4 days ago
  Wuzzy 2237aae6c3 Update all help mods 5 days ago
  Wuzzy c3968209f6 Add missing mcl_doc translations 5 days ago
  Wuzzy 058f46043f Fix minor typo 5 days ago
  Wuzzy 49f447ba64 Fix missing depends in mcl_tnt 6 days ago
  Wuzzy b0acd134ca Remove sand solidification code 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 6fbd47cde6 Translate missing commands 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 9cef74c03b Replace GUI image texts with translatable labels 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 9d7f4f6544 Translate villager professions 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 805fa76282 Inventory: Translate tab captions 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 550fa39d86 Make achievements translatable 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 522a2b9a73 Fix uneditable command block when empty 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 7aaafdca03 Translate a few missing formspec elements 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 8cfcbea9cb Fix commandblock crash if opening empty one 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 8ee1521f14 Translation: Add support for horse armor 1 week ago
  Wuzzy cf9e440019 Translation: Add support for a few missing items 1 week ago
  Wuzzy d45d53e455 German translation: Redstone 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 03db150175 Add missing fence translation 1 week ago
  Wuzzy af4aa6c2ec Change German translation of Shulker 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 9385458632 German translation: mcl_signs to xpanes 1 week ago
  Wuzzy c12a4b795e Make “now playing” translatable 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 1c27cbe4f6 German translation: mcl_mobitems to mcl_potions 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 3f85e1c0da Fix lava/fire/magmablock death message not transl. 1 week ago