4761 Commits (master)

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  Elias Åström fe648a9287 Fix blast resistance value for polished andesite 2 hours ago
  Wuzzy 3c37d2874e Fix screwdriver duplication glitch 6 hours ago
  Wuzzy b7e4a1e9b5 Fix creative handling for itemframe 7 hours ago
  Wuzzy ec660d73c9 Teach endermen how to take mycelium 7 hours ago
  Wuzzy 255893707b Fix dispensers placing useless shulker boxes 7 hours ago
  Wuzzy 0a5294c0c8 Remove outdated creative mob check 9 hours ago
  Wuzzy c106a62979 Use minetest.is_creative_enabled 9 hours ago
  Wuzzy 47dd29c930 Sprint particle: Pick top node texture 11 hours ago
  Wuzzy 1bfd4ca490 Use node texture for sprint particles 11 hours ago
  Wuzzy 6ba537a096 Merge branch 'translated_creative_search' 11 hours ago
  Wuzzy ca7614b42d Mark night vision/weakness/strength potions as WIP 12 hours ago
  Wuzzy 83d3aa2108 Fix color of throwable river water bottles 12 hours ago
  Wuzzy f904142ca5 Mark potion names for translation 12 hours ago
  Wuzzy 374ab1194d Tweak potion tooltips 13 hours ago
  Wuzzy 7169f29a28 Update README 13 hours ago
  Brandon 939f8a859f Add lingering night vision 22 hours ago
  Brandon abb5941616 Update drowning logic for lava and fireproof (still commented out) 2 days ago
  Brandon 3a3caf3885 Remove old/incorrect code. 3 days ago
  Brandon 596d4ddc47 Correct poison effect duration 3 days ago
  Brandon a88c5b65de update list of zombie mobs 3 days ago
  Brandon 78768c3dab Correct splash harming, remove double damage to entity, and add harming to armor bypass 3 days ago
  Brandon cf8f6956f7 Merge branch 'bzoss_brew' of https://git.minetest.land/Wuzzy/MineClone2 into bzoss_brew 4 days ago
  Brandon 5baa1b0275 Allow damage to armor players with poison 4 days ago
  Brandon 3be2ff1977 Update to allow poison damage with armor. 4 days ago
  Brandon 16d9ee47b6 Fix fire resistance times for lingering potions. 5 days ago
  Brandon 0f44086cd6 Update milk tooltip. 5 days ago
  Brandon 408735ba06 Update tooltip for splash potions 5 days ago
  Brandon 476e7f538e Update Lingering Tooltip 5 days ago
  Brandon b3e67d61b6 Update Lingering bottle image. 5 days ago
  Brandon a34268f85d Remove fall damage from brewing stand 5 days ago
  Brandon 28bf70b583 Merge branch 'bzoss_brew' of https://git.minetest.land/Wuzzy/MineClone2 into bzoss_brew 5 days ago
  Brandon c91dc25052 Fixed throwing potions through portals 5 days ago
  Wuzzy ea004b2904 Fix giant text appearing when using jukebox 5 days ago
  Brandon f0e9727b85 Add all brewitems to creative inventory 5 days ago
  Brandon 6cefec8cbf Fix allow drowning for lava... 6 days ago
  Brandon 31aa880e85 fix local declaration 6 days ago
  Brandon 860317168b Remove reduntant empty bottle images 1 week ago
  Brandon d131cbadef Allow drowning in lava.... 1 week ago
  Brandon b2d634acb8 Correct drowning damage 1 week ago
  Brandon b4c658904b Fix drowning damage 1 week ago
  Brandon 5db80b3ec5 Allow drowning damage when drowning in lava. 1 week ago
  Brandon e1b428dbd1 Add fire resistance + recipe. 1 week ago
  Brandon d3c9006e6e Correct splash potions to hit players 1 week ago
  Brandon 9301e03b52 Update fire resistance to allow damage if "drowning" in lava 1 week ago
  Brandon eee75f8988 Reduce alpha on post color effect for lava to allow some viewing range - similar to MC 1 week ago
  Brandon b188fb4e95 Fixed minetest.env:add_entity ==> remove .env 1 week ago
  Brandon 0ed66727be Add nether fire nodes to fire resistance 1 week ago
  Brandon c14b5a974b Correct splash call 1 week ago
  Brandon 05d28af9e1 Add fire resistance splash/lingering potions 1 week ago
  Brandon 04a96e42ed Correct capitalize "L" in lingering 1 week ago