4155 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wuzzy 76ed6ff826 MGV6: Generate witch huts only in Normal biome 6 days ago
  Wuzzy a8a875a7b4 Add biomeinfo mod 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 31ae28e66e Add fishing rod in mob mods 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 25e2bd106f Re-enable cookFish achievement 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 2913acc6e9 Version 0.54.0 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 30a954b874 Increase max. speed of boats 6 days ago
  Wuzzy e633f15eed Fix boat behavior a bit when falling on water 6 days ago
  Wuzzy df7acfc8ae Boats: Can place properly at all sides 6 days ago
  Wuzzy b6c3cc0ed7 Tweak boat physics when inside water 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 3cba55703a Boats: Allow very slow movement on ground 6 days ago
  Wuzzy b3bbf38fd7 Add aligator to credits 6 days ago
  Wuzzy e88e95d564 Merge branch 'doubledoor' of https://github.com/aligator/MineClone2 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 44bd5dba6c Mobs: Don't set gotten in API anymore 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 9416305fa6 Fix sheep not regrow wool if mobs_griefing=false 6 days ago
  Wuzzy 8618b42bc7 Merge branch 'fix_dye' of https://github.com/Rootyjr/MineClone2 1 week ago
  Wuzzy dae4dc6924 Remove legacy polished stone recipe 1 week ago
  Wuzzy cf47e7de9e Add Rootyjr to credits 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 719242c840 Merge branch 'fix_sitting_minecart_bug' of https://github.com/Rootyjr/MineClone2 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 2fecf0336c Mobs: Stack texture mod effects 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 955638bccd Harden minetest.after check 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 915ac2da93 Merge branch 'fix_mob_damage_color' of https://github.com/Rootyjr/MineClone2 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 18069b069c Update German fishing rod translation 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 5dd002b598 Fishing: More comment cleanup 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 06be98a676 Remove legacy carrot on a stick recipe 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 055d6ecc96 Allow fishing in river water, too 1 week ago
  Wuzzy c7908cc020 Fishing: Clean up comments 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 276af8a1ea Merge branch 'fix_fishing_rod' of https://github.com/Rootyjr/MineClone2 1 week ago
  Wuzzy 2423acb297 Fix slimes not jumping at all 1 week ago
  Wuzzy ed336829b4 Fade out rain and fire sounds 1 week ago
  Wuzzy aced401c6c Remove useless files 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 2627742b36 Restore original fence collisionbox, but deeper 2 weeks ago
  Nicholas Niro 995024b47b Teach mobs not to jump if they'd hurt their head 2 weeks ago
  Nicholas Niro c7d111219d Make fence collisionbox larger 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 2478d8817e Apply pitch to arrows 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 1cbee9de18 Fix item entity force-out bias to positive dir 3 weeks ago
  Wuzzy f67c302c3d Version 0.53.4 3 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 02ed4b52c4 Add new sounds for mcl_tnt mod 3 weeks ago
  Wuzzy ce7015bb35 Remove TNT sounds 3 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 248a635749 Fix typo: daredevils → davedevils 1 month ago
  Rootyjr a765d3dd4f
Update init.lua 1 month ago
  Rootyjr d11b089bac
Split search distance in half. 1 month ago
  Rootyjr 58d9fb874d Mobs now flash red when hurt. 1 month ago
  Rootyjr 37af2dbba1 Fix fishing allowed in lava. 1 month ago
  Rootyjr 48b73f5f2e Add self-credit. 1 month ago
  Rootyjr c50958a640 Fix fishing depends.txt 1 month ago
  Rootyjr 3da1c551a1 Remove WIP and update descriptions. 1 month ago
  Rootyjr 379dd847ee Completely rework fishing rod to simulate a much more MC-like behaviour 1 month ago
  Rootyjr 839d74329c Fix #534.3 (Dyeing a sheep did not remove the dye from inventory.) 1 month ago
  aligator 1d5cdfe544 enable double doors (mirror) if left block is also a door of the same type 1 month ago
  Rootyjr b1f201f538 Fix #530 (Players were stuck in sitting animation after being out of minecart). 1 month ago