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Remove some no-longer missing engine features

Wuzzy 1 year ago
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@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ For these features, no easy Lua workaround could be found.

### Lua API
#### Tools/wielded item
- Allow **much** faster liquid flowing ([#2810](

- “Lock” hotbar for a brief time after using an item, making it impossible to switch item or to attach/mine/build until the delay is over (For eating with delay)
- Tool charging: Holding down the mouse and releasing it, applying a “power level” (For bow and arrows, more charge = higher arrow range) ([issue 5212](
- [Dual Wielding](
@@ -21,7 +19,6 @@ For these features, no easy Lua workaround could be found.

## Interface
- Inventory: Hold down right mouse button while holding an item stack to drop items into the slots as you move the mouse. Makes crafting MUCH faster
- **Much** more informative item tooltips
- Sneak+Leftclick on crafting output crafts as many items as possible and immediately puts it into the player inventory ([issue 5211](
- Sneak+click on inventory slot should be able to put items into additional “fallback inventories” if the first inventory is full. Required for large chests
- Sneak+click puts items in different inventories depending on the item type (maybe group-based)? Required for sneak-clicking to armor slots
@@ -39,8 +36,5 @@ For these features, a workaround (or hack ;-)) by using Lua is theoretically pos
- Set damage frequency of `damage_per_second`. In Minecraft many things damage players every half-second rather than every second
- Possible to damage players directly when they are with the head inside. This allows to add Minecraft-like suffocation

#### Crafting
- Require tools to be intact in crafting

#### Nice-to-haye
- Utility function to rotate pillar-like nodes, requiring only 3 possible orientations (X, Y, Z). Basically this is `minetest.rotate_node` but with less orientations; the purpur pillar would mess up if a mirrored rotation would be possible. This is already implemented in MCL2, See `mcl_util` for more infos