3688 Commits (master)

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  Wuzzy fa3fd68c8c Turn enderman to monster, but reduce view range 3 weeks ago
  Wuzzy e1870c2808 Fix typo: Diamond Leggins 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 037a8333a0 Version 0.43.0 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 68eea10597 Update mcl_walls API docs 1 month ago
  Wuzzy e38fadd863 Remove packed ice crafting recipe for now 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 502be105ac Apply disable_repair group 1 month ago
  Wuzzy af3785021b Describe purpur_block group 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 2ff1372b1e Fix nether brick fence crafting 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 367469cf90 Simplify wall registration 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 6fdf57d44f Move stuff from mclx_stairs to mcl_stairs 1 month ago
  Wuzzy ff9032754a Add many more walls 1 month ago
  Wuzzy c988665b5c Use word "Stairs" instead of "Stair" consistently 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 5b6ae370e2 Make smooth stone cookable 1 month ago
  Wuzzy b60c762ac3 Add more stairs/slabs 1 month ago
  Wuzzy e4c5a78592 Use group:purpur to craft purpur stair/slab 1 month ago
  Wuzzy ec8d43b4a3 Make packed ice craftable 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 25b65e4b7d Remove tsm_railcorridors_probability_cart for now 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 4703ca9ae6 Tweak inventory image of internal comparator items 2 months ago
  Wuzzy b5f9a755b3 Tweak item names and images of farming plants 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 001b0cc49f Update doc_items (fake items) 2 months ago
  Wuzzy e09955f0fb Add description.txt for playerphysics 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 45ce08b147 Mention playerphysics in API.md 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 2ff543a7bc Add playerphysics version number 2 months ago
  Wuzzy b076bafaa7 Rename mcl_playerphysics to playerphysics 2 months ago
  Wuzzy e0fe5b2c66 Disable zombie war_cry sound for now 2 months ago
  Wuzzy a88429a78e Fix missing zombie growl 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 22f0cf1866 Version 0.42.1 2 months ago
  Wuzzy d1fb01c2ff Fix crash if trading with cleric in non-v6 mapgen 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 26838fb2d6 Version 0.42.0 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 6dbbca4bec Fix mobs_mc_vex_death.ogg being stereo 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 92dca4850a Add new cat/ocelot sounds 4 months ago
  Wuzzy a3d798ca13 Fix mobs playing damage sound when they healed 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 5d6d1cf790 Add bat sound 4 months ago
  Wuzzy fd33d9d2ec Add creeper and vex sounds 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 8b38a169e6 Add basic horse sounds 4 months ago
  Wuzzy e422e47ada Add crazy coo hurt/death sounds 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 900625b17b Add ghast shoot/death sound, add many sound TODOs 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 7d66d5f2d3 Remove unused arrow code for wither skeleton 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 26a5059cc0 Add bow shooting sound when mob fires an arrow 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 077cd14f4f Add skeleton sounds 4 months ago
  Wuzzy ad2fbb0008 Add some despawning logic (but do not enable despawning yet) 4 months ago
  MysticTempest 67ebf3366f Make player sit in minecarts 6 months ago
  MysticTempest 5d4b4b099c Fix snowman's head texture 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 5e31db04d7 Version 0.41.3 6 months ago
  Wuzzy ce04c81482 Fix another crash in mcl_mobs 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 675185ac02 Version 0.41.2 6 months ago
  Wuzzy f7227de6fa Local variable fix in mcl_mobs 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 61c5c61e00 Fix crash when using nametag 6 months ago
  Wuzzy b2fa90cae7 Update bug tracker URL (git.minetest.land) 6 months ago
  Wuzzy a88f644001 Update deprecated settings syntax 7 months ago