Bugtracking repository for MineClone 2, a voxel-based sandbox game for Minetest.
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MineClone 2 Bug Tracker

This is your place for reporting bugs, missing features of MineClone 2, a voxel-based sandbox game (Minecraft clone) for Minetest. To some extent, you can also post art contributions here.

The MineClone 2 download link and forum discussion can be found at https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=16407.

The code of MineClone 2 is located at http://repo.or.cz/MineClone/MineClone2.git.

Issue guidelines


  • One issue per bug
  • Prepare to bring the following information:
    • What went wrong
    • How to reproduce the bug (if possible)
    • Version number
    • For crashes and error messages: Output of the debug log
    • For “wrong” textures: Why you think they are wrong
  • Bugs include:
    • Crashes
    • Error messages in chat/console
    • Any inconsistency with Minecraft
    • Poor usability in your opinion
    • Typos

Missing features

  • Be prepared to post proof for any claims of incorrect gameplay. A link to Minecraft Wiki or a Let’s Play video (with time!) is usually enough
  • A feature request is okay if:
    • It’s about a feature that Minecraft has
    • It’s a GUI or usability improvement in general


Contributions for MineClone 2 are accepted to some extent. If you want to help, check out issues with the “help wanted” label. Just follow this link: https://git.minetest.land/Wuzzy/MineClone2-Bugs/issues?labels=142

Note I will only include media files if you agree with MineClone 2 licensing. Proprietary things will always be rejected.

Invalid issues

  • Support requests (go to the forums instead)
  • Requests to deviate from Minecraft gameplay
  • Requests to include proprietary code or data

Scope of MineClone 2

Please keep the scope of MineClone 2 in mind when posting issues:

  • The current target of this clone is Minecraft version 1.11, PC Edition
  • Adding features of later versions is possible, but they are all automatically of low priority
  • The highest priority of this clone is to clone Minecraft’s gameplay
  • Cloning/imitating other aspects of Minecraft is considered less important/strict
  • It is not the goal to imitate the GUI perfectly (only roughly)