10 Commits (bf6569b57019d070246d947ed929cb2b5eb67faf)

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  Loic Blot bf6569b570 Minetest for C++11 (CMakeLists + Travis) 3 years ago
  Loïc Blot 91a9382c25 Pass clang-format on various cpp/header files (#5559) 3 years ago
  Loïc Blot 22567d107f Add clang format & skip build if no source file modified (#5433) 3 years ago
  Ner'zhul 058a869b70 Permit usage of std::unordered_map & std::unorderered_set on c++11 compilers (#4430) 3 years ago
  Sfan5 6d0ea26c2d Update Copyright Years 7 years ago
  PilzAdam 497ff1ecd6 Change Minetest-c55 to Minetest 7 years ago
  Perttu Ahola 9f031a6759 Optimize headers 8 years ago
  Perttu Ahola 037b259197 Switch the license to be LGPLv2/later, with small parts still remaining as GPLv2/later, by agreement of major contributors 8 years ago
  Kahrl 157a4cf18c Node placement / mineral / serialization / iron freq / node_dig callback 8 years ago
  Perttu Ahola c0f6395cf0 Node definition names 8 years ago