Repository for saturn_moon mod.
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This mod replaces the default earthlike setting of Minetest with a generic moon of Saturn. Currently, this moon has not been named yet since I have not found a real moon of Saturn that is generic enough.

The only ores on the moon so far are iron, copper, tin, gold, and ice. Dungeons are still present, but the mossy cobblestone looks like ice.

This mod was an experiment to see the effects of changing a Minetest world into something otherworldly.

Since this mod only uses default blocks, virtually all texture packs are supported.

The code is licenced under LGPL 2.1 and the textures are licenced under CC-BY-SA. This mod was made by Red_King_Cyclops, but the textures are from Minetest Saturn by Foghrye4, the skybox code is modified code taken from by emperor_genshin, and all of the ore registrations (except for the ice) are copied from default.