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Disk Lord's screenshot
Adds Discworld’s like things.

Version: 0.2.1
Source code’s license: GPL v3.0
Multimedia files’ licenses: CC BY-SA v4.0 International - CC0 v1.0

Dependencies: default (found in Minetest Game)
Supported: mobs (Mobs Redo)

Crafting Recipes

  • Octiron Ingots

    • Place an octiron ore node next to a lava node.
  • Octiron Block

    • Place nine octiron ingots in the crafting grid.

O: Octiron Ingot


  • Sapient Apple Tree’s Sapling
    • Place eight octiron blocks in the crafting grid, place a sapling in the central slot.

B: Octiron Block
S: Sapling


  • The Luggage (only available if Mobs Redo is detected)
    • Place eight Sapient Apple Tree’s wood planks in the crafting grid.
    • If you are playing in creative mode, use the spawning “egg”.
    • If you have the “give” privilege, use /spawnentity mobs:luggage

W: Sapient Apple Tree’s wood plank


  • The Reaper (only available if Mobs Redo is detected)
    • Will spawn if HP <= 5 and despawn if HP > 9.
    • If you are playing in creative mode, use the spawning “egg”.
    • If you have the “give” privilege, use /spawnentity mobs:reaper


Unzip the archive, rename the folder to disk_lord and place it in

If you only want this to be used in a single world, place it in

GNU+Linux - If you use a system-wide installation place it in

For further information or help see: