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BlockColor is a Game Creative for Minetest Engine 0.4.16 or later versions, you can use 8 Nodes’Color (Blocks, Stairs, Windows, Lights, Slabs, Waters and Others ?). BlockColor use Custom Mapgen, Hands, Inventory and Textures for Nodes.


Blockcolor License Gpl 2.1 for code and Cc By SA 3.0 for medias.

  • BlockColor Game : MrChiantos

  • Animal Model : AspireMint

  • Ships Spawn Mod : SokoMine

  • Furnitures Mod : Gerold55

  • Slope Simple : Nigel

  • Awards : Ruben

  • SurfBoard : Archfan7411

  • Airboat : Paramat

  • DriftCar : Paramat

  • Spaceship : Paramat (Code) & SpaceShip’Model (Viktor Hahn )

  • Textures 16px : Peak (Since 1.46.4b)

  • Trampoline : hkzorman

  • Mobs mod : TenPlus1

  • Player Model : Quaternius (Human Low Poly / Since 1.53)

  • Player Model b3d : Kroukuk

  • Trees : (Since 1.53)

  • Hdb Model (Homedecor) : Vanessa

  • Hovercraft : Stuart Jones 

  • HotAirBallons : Me Me and Me // mbb (Flying Carpet - Wuzzy)

  • ComboBlock : Pithydon

  • ComboBlock & ComboStair Model : Nathan (MinetestVideo) 

  • MainMenu Header media : ramdom-geek

Else Problem with Licenses or Forbidden Names, Send me a Mp to Forum

  • Minetest_Game Mods : Minetest Team and Community (Look readme or license in mod directory).


The life is not easy, but to build a game for Minetest is a real pleasure.

Thus even if I am poor, I hope that thanks to this small game, I give a little of happiness, it costs me nothing and I have nothing else to offer that this wealth which cannot be bought. Thanks to the team of Minetest to have shared Minetest Engine so that I can share and create Blockcolor. It allows me to leave a little of me, if I come for a reason or an other one not to exist any more. Thanks to the people who help me build this game, improve it or even play it.