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AirBrush is a Game’Fork of BlockColor, replace hotbar’colors by AirBrush with Dyes, this is Actually a concept, not a real game.


Airbrush_game License Gpl 2.1 for code and Cc By SA 3.0 for medias.

  • AirBrush Game : Mrchiantos

  • Unifieddyes and AirBrush’Tool : Vanessa

  • Player Panda Model : AspireMint

  • Slope and Extras (Merge) : Nigel

  • 16px Textures : Peak

Else Problem with Licenses or Forbidden Names, Send me a Mp to Forum

  • Minetest_Game Mods : Minetest Team and Community (Look readme or license in mod directory).


The life is not easy, but to build a game for Minetest is a real pleasure.

Thus even if I am poor, I hope that thanks to this small game, I give a little of happiness, it costs me nothing and I have nothing else to offer that this wealth which cannot be bought. Thanks to the team of Minetest to have shared Minetest Engine so that I can share and create Blockcolor. It allows me to leave a little of me, if I come for a reason or an other one not to exist any more. Thanks to the people who help me build this game, improve it or even play it.